Rescue Your Relationship
3 day Retreat (1 couple only)

Programme: Friday to Sunday
Location: Intercontinental Hotel – Double Bay (Click Here)
Fee: 3 day retreat $15,000 + GST (AUD)

This is an exclusive retreat for one couple only, that need immediate intensive one-on-one training with John. They may be in a rut, have lost the spark, have issues that they can’t resolve, don’t communicate well or have lost all intimacy and fun. It’s designed to overhaul the couple and get them back on track and moving forward together as a team to increase their levels of overall happiness and connection.

In this retreat each couple will learn to master:

  • Communication & listening
  • Letting go of resentments
  • Re-igniting sex & intimacy
  • Problem Solving
  • Forgiveness
  • Supportiveness & Goal setting

The 3-day program will run from 9am-5pm. It will provide hands on practical techniques and tools to empower the couple to transform their relationship. The couple will have the opportunity to work exclusively with John throughout the days to understand what’s going wrong and how to put it right.

John takes the pair through a variety of specifically tailored science based relationship exercises and activities. Problem patterns will be exposed and new habits will be formed, to give the couple the ability to re-energise their relationship.