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Making Couples Happy Book

Making Couples Happy: How science can help get relationships back on track

Making Couples Happy is a easy to read step-by step guide for couples wanting to overhaul their relationship and become happier and more intimate. The book outlines 16 key science-based strategies that cover 4 main areas – talking, supporting, connecting and dreaming together. It’s based on the hit ABC television show called Making Couples Happy, where John and his team take 4 couples through a grueling 8 week intensive boot-camp to teach them how to improve their marriages.

He uncovers the secrets to healthy communication, exposes some home truths about the importance of being supportive, learning to compromise and how to let go of resentments. He gives you key tips on the ways to improve the sex and intimacy in your relationship, the best ways to show love and support, and the steps behind identifying your core couple values and creating a shared vision together. His writing style is entertaining, direct and easy to follow, and by employing the key techniques outlined in his new book, couples everywhere can finally get the happiness they’ve always wanted.


U-Turn: Putting You Back Into Your Relationship
  • Are you someone who pleases too much in relationships?
  • Do you often feel used or taken for granted?
  • Do you always put others first at the expense of yourself?
  • Does the perfect relationship keep eluding you?

One of the most common mistakes that people make when they get into a relationship is to please too much and make their partner the center of their world. As a result, you can often feel used and taken for granted, never get to meet your own wants, and end up losing the one person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with.Written to help people overcome this problem, U-Turn gives you practical advice about how to put yourself first and get the relationship you deserve.

This book provides a blueprint that will set you on the right course. It explains the key signs that define a person who pleases too much and how you came to be this person. U-Turn exposes the problem beliefs you carry around with you and the way in which this holds you back from having the relationship you want. You’ll learn practical techniques to change your behaviour. By employing the “4 pillars of wellbeing” and following a series of easy steps, you can finally let go of being the peacemaker, and start to enjoy a relationship that meets your needs and makes you happy.

Accidentally Single Book

Accidentally Single: The 15 mistakes that ruin romance – and how to avoid them

Are you single and curious about how to meet the right partner?
Do you want to know where you’re going wrong?
Do you think you’re ‘accidentally single’ and worry that things will always stay the same?

This bestselling book will open your eyes to the 15 key dating mistakes that hold you back and teach you ways to overcome them so you’re able to attract the right partner into your life. Some of the key mistakes include:

  • You’re only attracted to unavailable types
  • You’re too clingy
  • You’re hung up on past relationships
  • You have a negative attitude
  • You’re too bossy and picky and
  • You let drama rule your life

Finding the right partner involves so much more than just knowing how to flirt. It requires you to become aware of the key obstacles that you put up unknowingly, and learning ways to free yourself up to be more available for love.

In this new book, John shares his own dating stories, as well as provides in depth case studies to reveal the key barriers that hold singles back. As well, he outlines straight forward 5 step strategies that empower you to stop doing the wrong things and start getting the right one.

Accidentally Single will provide you with hard hitting advice for singles that want to find someone special, and are prepared to do the work to make it happen.


Accidentally Single interview – TVNZ

  • Making Couples Happy DVD

  • Making Families Happy DVD

Making Couples Happy DVD

Making Couples Happy DVD

What are the secrets to a happy relationship, great sex; never arguing; keeping peace with the in-laws? With one in three Australian marriages ending in divorce, finding the answers is more urgent than ever.

The hit ABC1 TV series, Making Australia Happy, proved that science can make individuals happy in just two months. Now, Making Couples Happy is raising the stakes. Can it also work for relationships?

During the course of this series, four ordinary couples are pushed to their emotional limits – and beyond. As long buried resentments come to the surface, and entrenched behaviours are challenged, will the couples succeed in their goal of a happier relationship, or will some decide that true happiness lies apart from one another?

Backed by experts in the study of relationships, Making Couples Happy offers valuable, take-home information for viewers, which will allow every Australian to improve the happiness of their relationship.

Making Families Happy DVD

Making Families Happy DVD

In a follow-up to the hit ABC series Making Couples Happy, comes the new 3 part documentary Making Families Happy. In this series, Relationship Expert John Aiken is teamed up with well-known Child and Family Psychologist Clare Rowe to overhaul three families in crisis. Each family is dealing with their own escalating stressors, and all of them are at breaking point. From a solo mother trying to raise her 14 year old daughter, to a blended family of six, there are major problems that require immediate intervention. Watch John and Clare as they use science based relationship strategies to deal with the current issues, in an attempt to increase their overall levels of happiness during an 8 week period. A must see for all families that want practical advice to create better relationships.