After 10 Seasons of MAFS, John will be hosting the official Married At First Sight Podcast with fellow expert and Clinical Sexologist Alessandra Rampollla. Listen in as they unpack all the current developments on MAFS Series Ten, as well as discuss all the relevant universal dating and relationship issues that need attention.

They’ll deep dive into the origins of a certain behaviours and toxic patterns, give their thoughts and opinions, as well as dish out practical take home advice for those wanting to improve their love life. From how to attract the right partner and avoid the wrong ones, to improving sex and intimacy levels, overhauling communication styles, and building trust and honesty in relationships – they’ll cover it all.

With over 50 years of experience together working in the field of relationships, they’ll provide listeners with a greater understanding of how to navigate matters of the heart, as well as having lots of fun along the way. Tune in every week, where they’ll drop a new podcast for those that want insights on MAFS, as well as some practical strategies to improve your dating and relationship approaches.