U-Turn: Putting You Back Into Your Relationship
  • Are you someone who pleases too much in relationships?
  • Do you often feel used or taken for granted?
  • Do you always put others first at the expense of yourself?
  • Does the perfect relationship keep eluding you?

One of the most common mistakes that people make when they get into a relationship is to please too much and make their partner the center of their world. As a result, you can often feel used and taken for granted, never get to meet your own wants, and end up losing the one person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with.Written to help people overcome this problem, U-Turn gives you practical advice about how to put yourself first and get the relationship you deserve.

This book provides a blueprint that will set you on the right course. It explains the key signs that define a person who pleases too much and how you came to be this person. U-Turn exposes the problem beliefs you carry around with you and the way in which this holds you back from having the relationship you want. You’ll learn practical techniques to change your behaviour. By employing the “4 pillars of wellbeing” and following a series of easy steps, you can finally let go of being the peacemaker, and start to enjoy a relationship that meets your needs and makes you happy.