Making Couples Happy: How science can help get relationships back on track

Making Couples Happy is a easy to read step-by step guide for couples wanting to overhaul their relationship and become happier and more intimate. The book outlines 16 key science-based strategies that cover 4 main areas – talking, supporting, connecting and dreaming together. It’s based on the hit ABC television show called Making Couples Happy, where John and his team take 4 couples through a grueling 8 week intensive boot-camp to teach them how to improve their marriages.

He uncovers the secrets to healthy communication, exposes some home truths about the importance of being supportive, learning to compromise and how to let go of resentments. He gives you key tips on the ways to improve the sex and intimacy in your relationship, the best ways to show love and support, and the steps behind identifying your core couple values and creating a shared vision together. His writing style is entertaining, direct and easy to follow, and by employing the key techniques outlined in his new book, couples everywhere can finally get the happiness they’ve always wanted.