Accidentally Single: The 15 mistakes that ruin romance – and how to avoid them

Are you single and curious about how to meet the right partner?
Do you want to know where you’re going wrong?
Do you think you’re ‘accidentally single’ and worry that things will always stay the same?

This bestselling book will open your eyes to the 15 key dating mistakes that hold you back and teach you ways to overcome them so you’re able to attract the right partner into your life. Some of the key mistakes include:

  • You’re only attracted to unavailable types
  • You’re too clingy
  • You’re hung up on past relationships
  • You have a negative attitude
  • You’re too bossy and picky and
  • You let drama rule your life

Finding the right partner involves so much more than just knowing how to flirt. It requires you to become aware of the key obstacles that you put up unknowingly, and learning ways to free yourself up to be more available for love.

In this new book, John shares his own dating stories, as well as provides in depth case studies to reveal the key barriers that hold singles back. As well, he outlines straight forward 5 step strategies that empower you to stop doing the wrong things and start getting the right one.

Accidentally Single will provide you with hard hitting advice for singles that want to find someone special, and are prepared to do the work to make it happen.


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