Dating can certainly be a tricky game for many out there. You’re wanting to find the one, but like everyone else, you can fall victim to mixed messages and mind games from potential love interests. One of the biggest obstacles to overcome in the dating game is finding out who’s a player and who’s a stayer? Is the person you’ve just met able to commit or do they just want some causal fun before moving on to someone else?

Well there are 10 tell tale signs that your current love interest is just looking for fun with no strings attached:

1) They’re already attached

– I shouldn’t have to point this out, but it’s still a problem for many singles! If you’re interested in someone who’s already married, living with their partner or is going out with someone else then they’re not serious. They’re not looking for a commitment, and anything you start up with them is going to end in heartache.

2) They don’t call back

Stop kidding yourself and making up excuses for love interests. If they don’t call you back it’s not because they lost their phone, didn’t have cell coverage, got in too late from a meeting, or lost track of time. We’re talking about a phone call here! You’re simply not important enough to them and they’re not seeing you as long-term.

3) They tell you they’re not looking for anything serious

I hear this one so many times. You meet someone and they tell you in the opening sentence that they’re not looking for anything serious, don’t want commitment right now, just want to have some light fun or can’t commit. That means THEY DON’T WANT TO BE WITH YOU. They’re not speaking another language. They’re making it clear and you need to listen.

4) They keep you waiting

It’s important early on in the dating game that you put your best foot forward and try to impress your love interest. So if the person you’re dating keeps you waiting on dates and constantly runs late, it tells you that you’re not important to them and you’re always going run second to other things in their life.

5) They put you down

If you find yourself dating someone who is comfortable making you feel bad about yourself then they’re not serious about you and don’t see you as a long-term prospect. They’re engaging in negative hitting – trying to hit on your vulnerabilities, make you feel insecure and get you into bed. Avoid at all costs.

6) They constantly flirt with others

This is a very clear sign that this person is not taken with you. They need the attention of others, and they’re always plagued with thoughts of the grass being greener. You need to feel number one in their life and if you’re having to compete with every attractive person at a bar or club, then they’re not going to stick around.

7) They can’t be contacted

There’s nothing more frustrating and exhausting than dating someone who is difficult to contact or track down. They may say they’re going to be in a certain place or will text at a certain time, but they don’t. What’s worse is when they can’t give you straight answers about where they’ve been. This tells you that they can’t be trusted and you need to move on.

8) They pressure you for sex

If there’s one key sign that the person your dating isn’t going to commit to you is when they pressure you for sex early on. If they want to sleep with you on the first date, or keep bringing this up every time you’re with them, then they’re showing you that all they want is sex. If you give it to them, they’ll smile, thank you and move on to their next conquest.

9) They break promises and plans

If you’re dating someone who constantly makes promises and plans and then breaks them it’s telling you that you can’t depend on them. In short, you don’t matter as much as other commitments in their life, and it’s not going to last. No follow through means you’re not serious to them.

10) They avoid meeting your friends

If the person you’re dating is avoiding mixing with your friends then look out because they don’t want to get to close. If they can keep away from your world, then they can keep it light and casual and it’s easier fir them to break up with you down the line. They’ll also make a point of trying to keep you away from their friends – so it remains uncomplicated.

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