In the world of dating, you’ll often come across different types of guys that may or may not meet your needs. In the early stages they can sweep you off your feet and seem perfect on all fronts. But then as time marches on you start to see their flaws. It might be that you’re not sexual compatible with them, they have toxic friends, they constantly run late and break promises, or they lie and are difficult to trust.

Well add into this mix the guy who is unavailable. He may seem like someone who can be tamed and changed, but when it comes down to it – he won’t commit.

Well add into this mix the guy who is unavailable. He may seem like someone who can be tamed and changed, but when it comes down to it – he won’t commit.

The 5 types of unavailable guys you need to avoid include the following:

1) Married or attached:

These attached guys can be very hard to resist. They already come with a stamp of approval from their current wife or girlfriend. They might offer you hot sex, gifts, secret week-ends away, and make you plenty of promises of happily ever after. However they don’t leave their partners, and you’ll end up waiting around and wasting your life for them.

2) Broken and Damaged:

This guy carries a truckload of issues around with him from his past. He’s a broken puppy that needs to be looked after. He’ll tell you that he’s not looking for anything serious, that he’s still heartbroken, he can’t commit or that he’s bad at relationships. He’ll constantly talk about his pain from the past as well as his current day issues. He wants a mother not a lover, and he’s not settling down any time soon.

3) Party animal:

This guy’s charismatic, funny, the center of attention at parties, and a risk taker. He loves to do things to the extreme – like drinking, drugs, gambling, and sex – and he never turns down a challenge. He’s intoxicating and fun to be around, and he has no goals or plans for the future. He’s not looking for commitment – he just wants fun and immediate gratification.

4) Too young or too old:

This guy can fall into two categories. He may be much younger than you – fit and healthy, athletic, virile and energetic. He has a lust for life, is curious about the world and wants to experience any new opportunities. He’s all about the here and now, and has no intention of settling down. On the other hand, he may be much older than you, a mature guy who’s experienced, accomplished, well connected and financially secure. He’s had his fair share of relationships and doesn’t want to get tied down into another one. Both of them can offer positives, but they aren’t on the same page when it comes to commitment.

5) Workaholic:

This guy is consumed by his career and is focused on building his empire at the expense of everything else. He works 7 days a week, constantly talks and thinks about his career, runs late and breaks promises, and puts his cell phone and computer ahead of everything else. He has a bad habit of missing important events and social occasions and business travel can mean he’s away more often than not. He thinks he can juggle work and an intimate relationship, but in the end his career is his only real commitment.

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