“Have you ever thought about what men really like in a woman?”
“Are you guilty of changing who you are just to get someone to go out with you?”
“Is there anything more you can do to make yourself more attractive to a man?”

“Do you wonder whether there are specific right or wrongs to turning on a guy?”

One of the biggest questions that often gets asked is how you can be more attractive to men and make them interested in going out with you? Of course there are a lot of different men out there, and all of them have different preferences and types. They also have their own baggage that they bring with them which will mean they’ll be more comfortable with some women and not others.

However, do not despair. There are a number of things that will generally attract men and keep them interested as you get to know them – and it’s not all about sex!!!!

5 key ways to be more attractive to men include the following:

1) Compliment rather than criticize

Guys love to be praised for small things and it shows them that you notice. It may be his new shirt, the way he turned up on time, the fact he texted you when he said he would. This reinforces the types of behaviour that you like, and he feels good about himself. It will also set you apart from previous women that have shot him down!

2) Ask him questions about himself

Guys are like everyone else – they love to be asked questions about themselves. What sport they’re into, their favourite movie, where they recently went on holiday, what career they’re looking at. It makes them feel important and it means they don’t feel responsible for having to carry all the conversation.

3) Let go of being controlling

Nobody likes being told what to do. Guys are no different. This means you need to let go of trying to control everything. No more instructions, suggestions or demands, and hold back on giving out reminders. Instead, sit back and watch how things develop and let someone else have some influence over you.

4) Have your own interests, friends and ambitions

Guys are very attracted to women that are independent and have their own lives. This means having friends that you constantly catch up with, your own interests and hobbies, and goals and ambitions that set you apart as an individual. It shows you can handle yourself with or without a guy being around.

5) Be healthy

Guys respect women that respect themselves and look after their own well-being. This means keeping fit, no drugs, moderate drinking and having a healthy diet. It tells them that you value yourself, you have discipline, and you care about your appearance and the way you want to live your life in the future.

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