“Ever wondered whether he thinks about you when you’re not around?”
“Does he make an extra effort when he’s getting ready to meet up with you?”

“What does he say about you to his friends?”

“Can he see himself with you in the future?”

When you first meet a guy there can be lots of flirting and chemistry that make the experience one to remember. Of course, as you go away from this meeting you’re left to wonder if he likes you and if he felt the same way about the whole experience? You go over the conversation you had with him in your mind in great detail, you talk to your friends, and you go to bed at night and fantasize about future meetings together. However, what you don’t know is “Does he really like me?” Then you start to date him, and you this question grows larger in your mind as you want to take it further and you’re not sure where he stands.

The key to knowing if a guy likes you is to answer ‘yes’ on all 5 key questions:

Question One: Does he chase you?

If the answer is ‘yes’ – then you’ll expect to see him ringing or texting you, sending you emails, and going out of his way to catch-up with you. He’ll drop things that he had planned so he can fit in with you, and he’ll be prepared to experience new things just to spend more time with you.

Two: Is he reliable?

If the answer is ‘yes’ – then expect to see him do things that he says he’ll do. That means he’ll be punctual, he’ll ring/ text/ or email when he says he’s going to, and he’ll follow through with plans. As well, if anything goes wrong and something gets in the way, he’ll say sorry, make it up to you, and make sure it won’t happened again.

Three: Can he compliment you?

If the answer is ‘yes’ -then expect him to notice you and give you lots of compliments. This means he’ll praise you for such things as the way you look, choice of restaurants, movies, your friends and the way you smell.

Four: Has he let you meet his friends?

If the answer is ‘yes’ – then expect him to be comfortable about you hanging around more with his social network and being more involved in his life. He enjoys your personality, he feels comfortable letting you talk with his friends, and he sees a future with you.

Five: Can he hold off on sex?

If the answer is ‘yes’ – then expect him to put no pressure on getting you into bed. Instead, he’s thinking long-term, and wants to get to know you. This allows you both to relax and enjoy each other, and it rules out him just being another player trying to score.

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